What is BCP?

Body composition profiling is a comprehensive, holistic concept, developed by AMRA, to further our understanding of individual metabolic health.

A Body Composition Profile (BCP) is based on a combination of variables, selected biomarkers and indices, that, when used together, can describe an individual’s or a group’s fat and muscle distribution.

The BCP is an asset in clinical trials and it has demonstrable potential to become an invaluable resource for physicians and population health management, supplementing BMI by answering universal questions such as, “are you in the normal range”, “are you healthy” and “are you at risk”.

A New Way of Thinking About Health

Global healthcare systems are facing unprecedented challenges linked to an aging population and the rapid rise in obesity and metabolic disorders. It is increasingly vital for individuals to be better educated and armed with accurate information about their health. In future, it will be possible to use highly targeted drugs and lifestyle interventions, allowing every patient to improve their health by directly addressing their own, unique body composition.



Global healthcare systems are facing unprecedented challenges associated with a rapid rise in obesity and metabolic-related disease, as well as an aging population. Understanding the volume, distribution, and quality of fat and muscles in our bodies can be vital to properly diagnosing and treating illness.


Cloud-Based Analysis

AMRA’s service helps expand and refine the understanding of relationships between fat, muscle and disease development, thus supporting research findings that can be applied to therapeutic product investigation and, in the future, to patient management.

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